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Leak detection and repair

The damage suffered as a result of leaking pipes should not be underestimated - a 0.5mm leak could lose 20 liters of water every hour.
Even if a leaking pipe is noticed, the cost and disruption associated with locating the source could be considerable. Too often walls and floors are unnecessarily damaged and there are no guarantees that the leak will be found.
By sweeping the camera system over an entire plant, leaking pumps of the gas being sought immediately become visible as a colored emission. Even if several are mixed, it is possible to single-out specific gases for the leak to be recorded on video. It can then be analyzed so that the actual quantity of escaping gas can be measured.
One of the images produced by the telescope is filtered through a cell containing a sample of the gas being sought, while the other is recorded directly by the camera.
Leaks can occur in water pipes for a variety of reasons including the age of the systems or construction disruption of waterlines. Leak Masters locates energy loss sources due to water pipe leaks by utilizing specialized listening equipment, from ground probes to frequency sensitivity computers.